Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

The electrical power systems in the world are usually focused on mass production of electrical energy in certain areas and then transferring it to the consumers. These plants use fossil fuels or nuclear fuels to produce significant amounts of electrical energy. In addition to problems related to the transfer of a large amount of electrical energy such as security, reliability, stability and immense losses over long distances, traditional electrical power generation systems produce a significant amount of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, establishment of transmission and distribution lines could cause huge environmental degradation and ultimately harm the people of those region.

In some cases, small-scale distributed generation is a good solution that uses new technologies for power generation close to consumers. With the advancement of technology in most cases the cost of energy per unit of DGs is less than that of traditional large units, and in cases where the cost is more than traditional energy production, such characteristics as security, greater reliability, lower losses and less environmental pollution could justify the use of DGs.

We are ready to help investors find a suitable solution and take advantage of vast energy resources at their disposal.


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